The LaPorte House

built in 1836 by John LaPorte, son of Bartholomew LaPorte, an original settler. Before you begin your guided tour, note the fine architecture of the building. It resembles that of French Colonial styles both inside and out. The Palladian triple motif in the third-story gable window is similar to a 16th Century Italian design and may have been copied from Independence Hall.As you approach the front door look to the left of the house. Here you will see the original cornerstone laid by John LaPorte in 1836. As you wait on the front porch for your guide, note the flagstone beneath you. These are original and were quarried nearby. Hand-blown glass from the window panes were brought from Philadelphia and glazed into frames with white lead. You will also see a large millstone on the front lawn which is believed to have been from the original village's gristmill.

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